Tenant Protection Plan

Protecting you against unforeseen damages

Protection Against the Unexpected

Tenant protection from Bader Insurance

At Store-It-All, we do everything we feasibly can to protect your belongings. Our self storage units are housed in facilities with a variety of security amenities and safety measures in place.

Unfortunately, not every disaster can be averted. This is why we’ve taken the extra step of partnering with Bader for Self-Storage Tenant Insurance. 

We require you to be signed up with our tenant protection plan from Bader to help protect you against damages from scenarios outside of our control.

Policy FAQs

Find answers for some of the most common questions about Bader Tenant Insurance

What does this insurance cover?

It protects you against damage to, or loss of, your property from 25 different causes, including Fire, Earthquake, Water Damage and Burglary. See your Summary of Coverage for a complete list of the covered causes.

What is the difference between burglary and theft?

Burglary means stealing property by means of forcible entry into a securely locked storage space or an apartment unit, provided there are marks of forcible entry on the exterior storage space or apartment. 

Theft does not require forcible entry.

Theft and Mysterious Disappearance are not covered under this policy.

The mere absence of a lock or padlock does not constitute visible marks of forced entry of a storage space.

I received a Certificate of Insurance and Summary of Coverage from your company. What is it?

Your Certificate of Insurance and Summary of Coverage is your proof of the coverage selection you made when you enrolled in the program. It shows the amount of coverage you selected and also gives you a breakdown of covered causes. 

If you have questions about your Certificate or Summary, please call one of Bader’s licensed Customer Service Representatives at (888) 223-3726, #1, #1.

What do I do if I have a loss?
  • Notify the site manager (especially if there is damage to the building). 
  • Report break-ins to local police. Get the police report. 
  • Make a list of what is damaged. 
  • Take full view color pictures of the damages/unit. Be sure to include as much detail as you can, such as: make, model, year purchased, etc. 
  • Secure your property, and protect it from sustaining further damage.

You can file your claim ONLINE or contact the CLAIMS DEPARTMENT at (888) 202-2337.

What information do I need to have to report a claim?

We are committed to helping you report your claim as quickly as possible. 

The person who signed up for the insurance coverage (named certificate holder) is the individual who must file the claim. 

When filing a claim ONLINE please have a copy of your state or government-issued photo ID, Police report/case number (for missing property), full-view color photos of your storage unit and of all your damaged property, and an inventory list of damaged/missing property, and any proof of ownership (i.e. receipts, owner’s manual, etc.) for damaged/missing property.

When filing a claim telephonically, please make sure you have your personal contact information, incident location information, incident report (i.e. police report), description of the incident, and an inventory list of property damage in the incident.

What types of property are eligible for coverage?

Many of the properties you own are eligible for coverage but there are limits. 

There ARE exclusions. 

Some of the exclusions are accounts, bills, firearms, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, securities, money, notes, animals, jewelry, watches, precious or semi-precious stones, furs and garments trimmed in fur. These items are not insurable under this policy. 

Coverage may also be declined on exotic, imported or high value contents. The policy is not designed to cover these types of items. 

Stated Value Insurance Policies are available from most local insurance agents for items like antique cars and other high value collectibles or antiques. 

Please note the above-mentioned list of exclusions is not a complete list of exclusions. 

Please refer to your Summary of Coverage for a complete list of exclusions.

What does the claims process involve?

You can file your claim one of two ways. Either ONLINE or telephonically by calling (888) 202-2337.

The ONLINE CLAIMS PROCESS generally includes: 

  • Provide a written claim statement (you can review statement before submitting) with a copy of your state or government issued photo ID.
  • Provide a list of damaged/missing property (include description of items, where purchased, purchase month/years, original cost, payment method, what type of proof of ownership is being provided). 
  • Upload proof of your loss or damage (i.e. receipts, owners’ manuals, serial/model numbers) and full view color photographs clearly showing the damage to each item being claimed. 
  • If your loss involves a burglary to your storage unit, upload a full view color photo of the lock and key (if damaged). 
  • Bader will verify the loss* and process your claim in a timely manner.

The TELEPHONIC CLAIMS PROCESS (call 888-202-2337) generally includes: 

  • Provide a “recorded” claim statement. 
  • Bader will email and mail claim documents for you to “complete,” sign and return with:
  • Proof of your loss or damage – for example, receipts, owners’ manuals, serial/model numbers, and /or color photographs clearly showing the damage to each item being claimed;
  • Color photos showing any physical damage (inside or outside) to your storage unit or apartment; 
  • If your loss involves a burglary to your storage unit, upload a full view color photo of the lock and key (if damaged); 
  • A copy of your last insurance premium payment receipt, prior to the date of loss; 
  • Repair estimates for all electronics/appliances; 
  • A copy of your photo identification or driver’s license (if your forms are not notarized). 
  • Bader will verify the loss* and process your claim in a timely manner.

Sometimes, additional information is needed to complete this process and verify your loss. If so, you may email these forms to claiminfo@baderco.net

*Bader will send an adjuster (if required) for catastrophic losses.

Is flood covered?

Just as with regular Home Owners' policies, damage from flooding, surface water, waves, tides, tidal waves, storm surge, overflow of any body of water, or their spray is not covered. 

Flood Insurance is available from the Federal Government.

Why We Partnered With Bader

Bader is one of the nation’s largest providers of Tenant and Commercial Insurance programs designed for the industry. And, as the Exclusive Insurance Partner of the SSA, Bader Company has demonstrated its commitment to the industry and its best-in-class service. 

We believe that Bader is our best choice for helping protect our customers.

Filing a Claim

Follow these steps to file a claim

  • Notify the manager.
  • Take photos of any damage to your items and the storage unit. Please take photos of the source of damage if possible. DO NOT throw anything away until you speak with a claims specialist.
  • Click the link below to file your claim. For assistance, call (888) 202-2337
  • For claims involving crime, have a police officer visit the unit and file a police report

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