Pak Mail with Store-It-All

We partner with Pak Mail to bring you packing and shipping services on top of our storage offerings

We offer shipping, packing, and storage services.

Take care of your shipping, returns, and other business right where you store!

Our Owensboro and Newburgh locations both have Pak Mail stations that can help you with a variety of packing and shipping tasks.

We can handle everything from shopping returns to shipping, as well as specialty items like paintings or musical instruments!

Let our shipping pros help you pack your items to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

What Does Pak Mail Do?

We cover a wide range of shipping needs!

Specialty Shipping

We’re practiced in sending big, heavy, or awkwardly shaped items where they need to go safely! We can create custom packaging to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition.

We sell moving supplies.

Tape, boxes, mattress covers, bubble wrap etc. No matter if they are moving in or out, a customer using a storage unit might need such supplies and creates the most amount of cross business between the two sides of the stores.

We Have Private Mail Boxes

These can be used as a commercial address for businesses as well as a good spot to receive mail for someone in the process of moving in or out of town. Probably mention we can accept FedEx and UPS packages and it's safer than leaving them on your doorstep.

Our Locations